President's Message

Literacy is the plate or the foundation that empowers people to be successful in their communities and the world. Globally, literacy is a driving force for sustainable societies and enables individuals, young and old, to have an opportunity to achieve successes within and beyond their communities.

Organizations such as the BCLCIRA serve as a conduit and advocate for Literacy in British Columbia. It is a community of literacy leaders who are committed to addressing literacy needs in British Columbia within an increasingly complex global community. It does this through connecting, supporting and advocating for literacy.

One of the most powerful tools that effects growth and change is collaboration. Through organizations such as the BCLCIRA there are opportunities for literacy leaders to connect and discuss and share literacy best practice. There are many exciting things happening around literacy in British Columbia and changes in the BC Education Plan will offer opportunities to collaborate and expand on innovative literacy initiatives. In the larger picture, the BCLCIRA expands the network of collaboration through national and international organizations like the Canadian Network of ILA Councils and the International Literacy Association. It is a conduit that exposes literacy leaders to opportunities through collaborative professional development within a global community.

The BCLCIRA can also be an organization that supports innovative literacy leaders in projects that promote literacy in British Columbia. These supports are provided through resources that assist literacy leaders in furthering their vision of making literacy the foundation of success in British Columbia.

Finally, the BCLCIRA is an advocate for literacy in British Columbia in international organizations like the ILA and Canadian organizations like the Canadian Network of ILA Councils. The BCLCIRA also expands its advocacy to external organizations such as school districts and post-secondary institutions.

Literacy is the foundation. We are looking forward to the future in helping make sure there is an awareness and structure for a strong literacy foundation in BC. We are also working on building a strong group of leaders that keeps the foundation in place in order to affect success and sustainable communities within British Columbia and the world.

Mike Bowden