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Elections May 2015
Posted by Carrie Froese on May 28th 2015

I am delighted announce our new slate of officers for 2015 - 2016.  It is a combination of devoted long-time members and a number of new people to bring in fresh ideas and a new perspective.  We are excited about a new year and a newly floated idea for BCLiteracy Council members of the International Literacy Association to apply for money to do an inquiry, a book study group or a community literacy acitivity.  Stay tuned for more details.

Provincial Coordinator - Carrie Froese

President - Mike Bowden

Vice President - Garth Brooks

Secretary - Caroline Lay

Treasurer - Shirley Choo

Membership - April Chan

Members at Large:

     Barbara McBride

     Gina Wong    


     Honey Halpern and Jennifer Yager

     Jennifer Yager

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