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AGM 2019
Posted by Carrie Froese on September 10th 2019

Annual General Meeting

Place:  David Livingstone Elementary School (315 East 23rd Avenue, Vancouver) Library

Date:  October 2, 2019

Time:  4:00 pm


Congratulations to the Executive Committee for 2019-2010

Past President – Mike Bowden (appointed)- District Principal Indigenous Education, Kamloops, B.C.

President – Carrie Froese – Principal David Livingstone Elementary School

Vice-President – Linda Klassen – Principal Coghlan Fundamental Elementary School

Membership Secretary – Kelly Patrick - Librarian at Point Grey Secondary School, VSB

Secretary – Polly Dobie - English Teacher at Point Grey Secondary School, VSB

Treasurer – Garth Brooks – retired / long time ILA member, actively planning and participating in ReadingBC events


Recommendation for Provincial Coordinator:  Karen Addie - Elementary Resource teacher at York House


Thanks to the others who put their names forward for the election.  Your efforts towards building a literacy presence in British Columbia through the BCLCILA are very much appreciated.





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