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A Moose in a Maple Tree: The All-Canadian 12 Days of Christmas.

Written by Troy Townsin, Illustrated by Jennifer Harrington.

Toronto: Polygot Publishing, 2008.

ISBN# 978-0-9737748-6-3

First of all, let me just say that part of the proceeds from this book go towards “Make-A-Wish Canada” and it was not only published in Canada, but printed here as well, so you can feel guilt-free when you purchase A Moose in a Maple Tree for your classroom, your school library, or as a gift. This is a fun, charming book that transforms the traditional “Partridge in a Pear Tree” carol into a Canadian “Twelve Days of Christmas”. With lyrics such as “On the tenth day of Christmas, a Canuck sent to me: 10 salmon leaping, 9 mounties riding, 8 lobsters nipping, 7 beavers building, 6 whales breaching...” you will have the entire class singing the repetitive, catchy verses in no time. Haven’t come up with a song for the Christmas pageant yet? A Moose in a Maple Tree would definitely bring the house down. It would also be quite fun to play with the song in the classroom by assigning each lyric to a pair of students and have them come up with an action to fit their lyric, then sing the song with students “acting out” their respective verses. The bright, whimsical illustrations by graphic artist Jennifer Harrington are cute, especially the Atlantic-representing “eight lobsters nipping” and the final illustration of all the song’s characters up in the maple tree with the moose. A Moose in a Maple Tree is a great addition to any teacher’s repertoire of holiday activities and carols, would make a fun gift, especially for friends living abroad, and will hopefully become a national mainstay of the season.

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