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Encyclopedia Britannica 6 Book Interactive Science Library

ISBN # 1450807054

When one considers the art of encouraging early literacy skills, the consideration is generally laden with fond memories of curling up with mom, a cozy blanket, and that iconic bedtime story. The story may change, but one certainly does not usually imagine a journey through the human nervous system, or into the depths of the world's most explosive volcano as being central in this important step into literacy. Early literacy is most often linked with fun loving stories, but I would argue it is time to rethink that mindset. Non-fiction, and even complex non-fiction, can be an exciting and motivating path to literacy.


Encyclopedia Britannica has put out their “Science Library” series complete with an easy to use SD-X reader. Affectionately known by my son as his precious “pen books”, these books come with a pen, or SD-X reader, that a child need only point at a picture of interest to hear informative recordings explaining the illustrations. As your child grows and seeks fresh challenges, the pages and pen offer more developed learning games to enjoy. 


The “Science Library” series offers a few interesting twists to the development of essential literacy skills. First of all it exposes children to an exciting array of new vocabulary that few parents can offer their children. After spending a few weeks with these books, parents will find that their wee one is able to school them on the ways of the world. That kind of empowerment in learning is invaluable, and will set the standard equating education and learning with a feeling of independent success.


The independence is not the be all and end all with these books, however. A shared experience is central to literacy development, and these books offer an exceptional opportunity for just that. Consider the bulk of conversation that exists between a parent and the early reader. For the most part, the parent is expressing language of control; directions, reprimands, and warnings. While essential for development, it is also important for young readers to approach literacy with a feeling of empowerment and equality. The “Science Library” series gives parents a chance to explore concepts alongside their children creating an exciting experience for both parties.


From reptiles to tsunamis to great white sharks, this series offers appeal to the imagination of any child. It encourages natural curiosity in learning and opportunities to scaffold learning like few other early reading experiences can do. The pictures are colourful and exciting, and the explanations are easy to understand while sparking the imagination. This is certainly a must have for any young reader's library.


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