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Binky the Space Cat

By Ashley Spires
Published by Kids Can Press
ISBN #978-1-55453-309-1

Binky the Space Cat is an excellent graphic novel for students in grades two to five (but to be fair, adults love Binky just as much as kids!) Although Binky may appear to be just another pet (other than his oddly-shaped head, that is), in his mind he’s actually a member of F.U.R.S.T. (Felines of the Universe Ready for Space Travel). Since he’s never left the “space station” of the family home, Binky must prepare himself for travel in outer space, which is represented by any area outside of his home, including the backyard.

Since his humans are in “outer space” on a daily basis, Binky is convinced that they need a certified member of F.U.R.S.T. as a bodyguard.  Binky puts himself through a schedule of rigorous training, all so he can keep his humans safe from the aliens that try to invade his home – insects. Hidden away in his covered litter box, he builds himself a spaceship and is soon ready for the voyage into “outer space.”

Binky the Space Cat is ideal for young readers who are making the transition from picturebooks to chapter books, and readers of all ages will delight in the quirky humor and lively imagination put forth in Ashley Spires’ illustrations.

 *Also in the Binky series are Binky to the Rescue and Binky Under Pressure

*Binky the Space Cat was the winner of the 2010 Comics for Kids Award and was short listed for the Joe Shuster Award.

The publishers, Kids Can Press, have created a wonderful graphic novel activity webpage with pre-reading, during-reading and post-reading suggestions for Binky:

Check out Ashley Spires’ website at:

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