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B is for Basketball: An Alphabet Book

By Students and Teachers of School District No. 50 (Haida Gwaii) and illustrated by Judy Hilgemann
Published by McKellar and Martin Publishing Group

This fabulous collaboration between students and teachers of the Haida Gwaii School District focuses on Aboriginal basketball while teaching the alphabet.  Basketball is a significant component of cultural life in northern Aboriginal communities, especially the annual All Native Basketball Tournament, which has been running for over fifty years! The illustrations that accompany each letter of the alphabet capture the joy and camaraderie of those attending the game, as well as the excitement of the teams on the court. Hilgemann has also provided an illustration on the sidebar of each page that connects with items of importance to the people of Haida Gwaii. The sidebars also list other words that begin with the featured letter and encourage readers to find those items in the picture. B is for Basketball is destined to become one of those treasured books that are purchased as a keepsake and passed down through the generations; a tradition much like the All Native Basketball tournament.


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