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In the Garden

By Peggy Collins
Published by Applesauce Press, 2009
ISBN #978-1-60433-026-7

In her first book as both author and illustrator, Peggy Collins (illustrator of There's a Spider in the Bath, and Quiet Tessa) was inspired by her young son’s experiences in their Ontario garden. The lively illustrations are full of colour and motion, showcasing the excitement of play while actively engaging with the environment. In the Garden is humorous and playful; “I plant a truck, a bus, and my bulldozer. I plant some seeds too”, yet this delightful book makes a point as well; by planting a garden of their own, children can feel in control of a piece of their environment “In my garden, I am a GIANT. Things are growing, tiny and green. (This giant has to be careful not to step on them.)”

This picturebook is a wonderful read-aloud for a kindergarten classroom, especially if you are hoping to focus on Earth Day and the environment. It will inspire you and your students to grow something of your own and would make an excellent companion to any gardening-based activity you might be planning… a windowsill full of avocado pits suspended by toothpicks in cups of water anyone?

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