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Watch Me Grow: A Down to Earth Look at Growing Food in the City

By Deborah Hodge
Published by Kids Can Press
ISBN #978-1-55453-618-4

Deborah Hodge and Brian Harris, the writer-photographer team that brought us Up We Grow: A Year in the Life of a Small Local Farm, have collaborated again to create a unique reference picturebook. Aimed at children from Kindergarten to Grade Three, Watch Me Grow: A Down-to-Earth Look at Growing Food in the City introduces the concept of urban agriculture. The book is conveniently split into four sections: Growing, Sharing, Eating and Caring. Each section focuses on that specific aspect of “transforming our cities into greener, more beautiful spaces and growing earth-friendly food where [we] live.”

The book, photographed in Vancouver and the lower mainland, explores city gardens of all shapes and sizes, allowing readers to discover how enriching these gardens can be for the adults and children who tend them. Young readers will realize how growing a garden in the city allows for people to eat fresh produce, and how many of the city gardeners are happy to share! Watch Me Grow includes tips and suggestions for preparing garden-fresh treats, like smoothies, or even planting a “pizza garden”.

By exploring this book with your students, your primary class will discover how city gardening is fun, how it can bring a community together, how is helps us to connect with nature and makes the city more beautiful and environmentally friendly.                        

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