Provincial Coordinator (Main site – Join the International Literacy Association here and decide on the membership that best meets your needs)) (BC Council – Register for Fall Conference )

I am proud to be a long time member of the International Literacy Association.  I joined in the first year in Abbotsford B.C. on the advice of my principal.  My Dormick Park staff were making the trek to Schou Centre in Burnaby to participate in an event hosted by LOMCIRA - The Lower Mainland Council of The International Reading Association.  The membership inducted me into a group of teachers who were passionate about literacy teaching and included me in a conversation that has taken place throughout my entire career.  The IRA publications:  The Reading Teacher, The Journal of Adolescent Literacy and The Reading Research Quarterly have provided well researched, reliable and practical information to consider, discuss and share.   I highly recommend that you take this opportunity to join the International Literacy Association.  I will be presenting at the ILA Annual General Meeting / Conference in July 2016 with Mike Bowden and Garth Brooks.  We hope to see you there.

Throughout my career as an educator in three school districts, working with Kindergarten students to adults, literacy instruction and learning remains a priority and a passion.  I am currently a vice principal in Vancouver with SD#39.  My staff, students and community school team have been able to benefit from the ReadingBC grants available to support BC members.  Take a look at the possibilities!

I'm concluding my first term as Provincial Coordinator of the British Columbia chapter of the International Literacy Association.  This term has included a trip to Kamloops, a social media campaign (#rdgBC @CarrieFroese , Reading BC (on fb), blogging on Inquire2Empower /, website development, supporting members in the Lower Mainland and spearheading new way of supporting the professional development and literacy projects of our ILA members in British Columbia. Members interested in being Provincial Coordinator, submit form on ILA website and two letters of reference to the council president, Mike Bowden.

Please watch for the ReadingBC Annual General Meeting.  We would love to have you as part of our active membership.  This could include serving on the Executive Council or spearheading a funded project of your own.

Please feel free to contact me via email, message on Twitter or Facebook messenger with any questions or comments.  


Carrie Froese