BCLCILA is the provincial council of the International Literacy Association (an organization of nearly 100,000 members dedicated to the improvement of reading instruction and the promotion of lifetime reading habits) and is affiliated with the Canadian Network of International Literacy Association Councils (CNILAC).


Executive 2019-2020
Posted on October 12th 2019

Annual General Meeting

Place:  David Livingstone Elementary School (315 East 23rd Avenue, Vancouver) Library

Date:  October 2, 2019

Time:  4:00 pm


Congratulations to the Executive Committee for 2019-2010

Past President – Mike Bowden (appointed)- District Principal Indigenous Education, Kamloops, B.C.

President – Carrie Froese – Principal David Livingstone Elementary School

Vice-President – Linda Klassen – Principal Coghlan Fundamental Elementary School

Membership Secretary – Kelly Patrick - Librarian at Point Grey Secondary School, VSB

Secretary – Polly Dobie - English Teacher at Point Grey Secondary School, VSB

Treasurer – Garth Brooks – retired / long time ILA member, actively planning and participating in ReadingBC events


Recommendation for Provincial Coordinator:  Karen Addie - Elementary Resource teacher at York House

Thanks to the others who put their names forward for the election.  Your efforts towards building a literacy presence in British Columbia through the BCLCILA are very much appreciated.