BCLCILA is the provincial council of the International Literacy Association (an organization of nearly 100,000 members dedicated to the improvement of reading instruction and the promotion of lifetime reading habits) and is affiliated with the Canadian Network of International Literacy Association Councils (CNILAC).


Upcoming AGM 2019
Posted on May 7th 2019

NOTICE OF Executive Planning Meeting

Date: Sunday, May 12, 2019 at 7 pm   

Message @CarrieFroese on Twitter for more information


Notice of Annual General Meeting,  Thursday, October 3, 2019

Time: 4:00pm  

Place: University Hill Elementary School, 5395 Chancellor Blvd.,

Vancouver, BC, V6T 1E2

Message @CarrieFroese on Twitter for more information 



  1. Welcome and Introductions 

  2. Regrets (Attendance)        

  3. Additions to the Agenda 

  4. Acceptance of the Minutes 

  5. President’s Report 

  6. Treasurer’s Report / Garth Brooks

  7. Provincial Coordinator’s Report / Carrie Froese

  8. Outreach Report 

  9. Membership Report / Carrie Froese

  10. South Central Literacy Council / Mike Bowden

  11. Election of Executive 2019-2020

    1. Nominations

All B.C. members of ILA in good standing (current International Literacy Association membership) are encouraged to put their names forward

  1. Proposed Resolutions/New Business / Mike Bowden

    1. ByLaw Review / Carrie Froese

    2. Strategic Planning Committee / Mike Bowden

    3. Grant/Project Committee 

    4. ILA Canadian Reception / Garth Brooks

    5. CSIG-L / Garth Brooks

    6. ILA Attendance / Requests for Support

    7. Financial Institutions/ByLaw 

    8. Annual Calendar 

  2. Next Meeting / 

  3. Closure

Hope to see you there!

Posted on May 24th 2016

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Date: Saturday, May 28, 2016

Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Place: Amenity Room Ring #0910

1051 Broughton Street @ Comox Street

Vancouver, BC V6G 0B6

All International Literacy members living in British Columbia are invited to come to the AGM to participate or get more involved by joining the executive committee.  

See upcoming events for the full agenda.

Inquiry Team funded by ReadingBC grant Presents at Investigating Our Practice Conference at UBC in the Faculty of Education.
Posted on May 15th 2016

May 14th, 2016, the 19th Annual Investigating Our Practice (IOP) Conference for Educators took place at UBC.  Faculty Coordinator of the Social-Emotional Learning module, Claire Rushton, two student teachers, Alison Nasato & Alli Tufaro, and Provincial Coordinator, Carrie Froese presented on The Outdoor Classroom:  Taking learning and purposeful play outside, rain or shine.  Their work came out of their inquiry framed on Halbert and Kaser's book, Spirals of Inquiry.  These books were provided to the International Literacy Association members by ReadingBC.  Well worth the money.

For a full account, go to the  Inquire2Empower blog post The Outdoor Classroom:  Taking learning and purposeful play outside, rain or shine written by Carrie Froese.

Outreach Update from Uganda
Posted on April 23rd 2016

Check out Honey Halpern's update on the Stand Tall School in Uganda under the outreach tab.  Excited about the ReadingBC contribution to this worthwhile project.

Promoting Cultural Awareness
Posted on April 23rd 2016

Donna McCormick chaired a RedingBC literacy project in 2011 that is every bit as relevant today.  Find Promoting Cultural Awareness in B.C. through the Use of Children's Literature under the Literature Project tab.  It would be the basis for a great application for funding from ReadingBC.